At Provisual Studio we have a saying regarding pricing: “It depends”. On what? On many variables but there is always an outcome you have to take in consideration. If it helps your company sell your product or service, let me tell you something, it’s very cheap! Either if it is used for a big Real Estate Development or Selling a House Internationally, it will considerably  reduce your sales cycle.

Virtual Reality is the most near a customer will get to “the real thing”, is the cherry on top regarding user experience (UX). Imagine your Project Architect showing the development to a potential customer, with the VR Headset on, and being able to watch on a TV in which room or space is he at; i leave your marketing imagination fly at this point.

Not only will a VR allow you to watch a render with a headset but there are other delivery systems you can use, for example, a simple website. While not immersive, like with a headset on, the potential customer will be able to walk through a 360 render project in a very photorealistic way.

Click VR for Architectural Visualizations is a technology that came to stay a while ago and early adopters will have competitive advantage. So, is it expensive? It depends, but we like to say no as it helps you sell your product more efficiently.

Click on image below to view a 360 still image we did at Provisual CG Solutions. You will have the option to view it from your cellphone with a virtual reality headset. Contact us for more information regarding VR.